Solar Eclipse Balloon Photography

Are you hoping to get photos of the solar eclipse this August? Want to “up” your photography game? Our equipment enables you to launch a camera on a latex balloon and float at a constant altitude for long enough to capture video or photos over the entire duration of the solar eclipse.

High altitude balloon solar Eclipse Balloon PhotographyAffordable Solar Eclipse Balloon Photography

For those looking for a more affordable starting point, a Doongara cut-down device allows you to stay at a single float altitude by launching two balloons and cutting away the lift balloon at the right time. The lift balloon is filled with enough helium that it will haul up both balloons from ground level. The second balloon is filled with less helium so that at ground level it does not fly by itself, but once it has been raised high enough it will reach a sweet spot called neutral buoyancy where it will just drift without floating up or falling down again. That’s when Doongara will cut away the lift balloon and leave the second balloon carrying your camera behind to literally hang out and take pictures. It may sound complicated, but if you bring us your ideas, we can help you with the implementation.

Advanced Solar Eclipse Balloon Photography

For those wanting a little more control, a Boomerang flight control system uses a process of ballasting that allows you to program an entire flight plan with just one balloon. The Boomerang system and launch kit comes with everything you need, including software, balloons, and a parachute so that you can get flying right away. However, there is a lead-time for us to fill your order, so contact us to purchase a Boomerang flight control system and launch kit by June to ensure delivery by August.

With either of these options we can also help you with flight plans and to integrate your equipment in order to maximize your success. Contact us with any questions, we are eager to provide support to help turn your ideas into reality. The reusable components also mean you will have the ability to continue exploring new flight plans and opportunities well after you’ve framed and mounted your eclipse images.

With us the sky isn’t the limit, it’s where we start.

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