Balloon Flight Services

We offer standard packages of operational balloon flight services and training support. Contact us for a tailored support package specific to your balloon flight needs.

Balloon Flight Services Package

Balloon Flight Services by Smith & Williamson LLC
Pre-Flight Checks

Let us be your balloon experts so you don’t have to become one. To help you have a successful campaign, we will bring Boomerang & Doongara equipment to a location of your choice and fly your payload.  Unlike conventional latex and zero-pressure balloons, we will maneuver your payload the way you need in real-time. Recommended for first-time Boomerang users. Package includes:

  • One week of on-site balloon flight operations by Smith & Williamson
  • Use of Boomerang Balloon Flight Control Systems and Doongara Cut-Down Devices
  • Includes 20 hours of pre-campaign custom payload integration
  • Assistance with post-flight data analysis

Boomerang Training Package

Boomerang Recovery
Boomerang Recovery

Incorporate real-time altitude control into your next latex balloon flight using Boomerang. You control the float altitude and rate of ascent and descent of your payload through Boomerang’s Mission Control Software. As a reusable balloon system, Boomerang is a cost-effective alternative to zero-pressure balloons. Recommended for frequent Boomerang users and non-recoverable flights. Package includes:

  • Purchase of 1 Boomerang Balloon Flight Control System and launch kit
  • Hands-on training course with Smith & Williamson in Oregon

Doongara Training Package

Doongara is a reusable line cutter that enables advanced tandem latex balloon flights to increase payload time aloft. It is a cost-effective, lightweight, and simple means of providing basic buoyancy control at altitude. Recommended for users with ballooning experience wanting to fly advanced flight profiles that don’t require real-time control. Package includes:

  • Purchase of 2 Doongara Cut-Down devices
  • Inflation and consumables kit with 4 balloon neck nozzles
  • 4-hour video-conference setup and training session covering tandem ballooning with Doongara

Custom Components & Payload Development

Ballast Module Cropped
Small Ballast Module

Need help with your next balloon flight or payload? We can also:

  • Develop custom payloads, enclosures, and recovery systems
  • Customize our equipment for other applications and balloon systems
  • Customize Boomerang’s structure to incorporate additional sensor package(s) and instruments
  • Add specialized sensors to Boomerang and customize its telemetry & command system
  • Modify Boomerang to fly through particularly adverse weather and environmental conditions

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