We can help Scouts eager to earn an Eagle merit badge, STEM students, schools and universities, photographers and videographers, and those wanting to film a solar or lunar eclipse from a high altitude. Let us help you control your latex balloon flight. We offer advice, hardware, and flight services that is applicable for a wide range of balloon flights.

Why Control Your Latex Balloon Flight?

Tandem balloon flight train to acheive float with a latex balloon, ready for launchIncrease Flight Duration

  • Extend flight duration from ~2.5hrs to all-day
  • Maximize the value you get from your bottle of helium
  • Increase horizontal distance coverage

Improve Camera Stability

  • Decreased ascent/descent rate greatly enhances payload stability
  • Increasing the payload stability allows 360° video and low-light photos to be captured

Improve Ease of Recovery

  • Set a Geo-fence boundary to ensure the payload stays in a recoverable area.
  • The balloon burst altitude is only an estimate based on initial fill volume, ambient atmospheric conditions, and latex envelope stretch limits. Cutting away from the balloon at a precise, predetermined altitude will greatly improve the landing prediction.
  • All balloons are not created equal. Some manufactures are better able to control the latex envelope uniformity. We flew a new Hwoyee that came from the factory with a patch on it.

Conduct Low-Altitude Test Flights

  • Terminate early for short test-flights to verify launch procedures and payload operation

How to Control Your Latex Balloon Flight?

In two words it comes down to buoyancy control. While balloons drift with the prevailing winds, the up and down motion can be controlled by varying its buoyancy. This is the same control principle that hot air balloons use. With latex balloons, the buoyancy can be adjusted by reducing the amount of helium in the balloon or by making the payload weigh less.

Release some of the lift gas:

Reduce the payload mass:

  • By reducing the mass of the payload, the buoyancy will be increased
  • Drop an incremental amount of sand ballast with our Ballast Module
  • Use a Doongara to drop a predefined ballast weight

Terminate the flight:

  • The ultimate control is of course ending the flight and returning the payload to the ground
  • Set a Geo-fence boundary on our DoongaraPlus to ensure your payload stays within a recoverable area

Examples of Controlled Latex Balloon Fights

DoongaraPlus Balloon Cut-Down Device ready to launch on a high altitude balloonTandem Balloon that Achieved Float at 28km (92,000ft)

Tandem Ballooning with our Doongara Balloon Cut-Down Device

History of Level Flight with Latex Balloons